This article is for part two of the special UK version.
For the international version, see All Star
For Part 1, see All Star Pt. 1
All Star Pt.2
From the album Astro Lounge
Artist Smash Mouth
Released July 26, 1999
Genre Pop, Rock
Length of Single 9:18
Writer(s) Greg Camp
Format CD Single
Country UK
Producer Eric Valentine
Single Guide
All Star Pt. 1

All Star Pt. 2 (or All Star Part 2) is a UK single for All Star. It has different tracks from other versions and a different cover. It also has a "prequel", All Star Pt. 1

Track ListingEdit

No. TitleWriter(s)Additional Notes Length
1. "All Star" (Sports Edit)Greg Camp  3:21
2. "Walkin' on the Sun"  Greg Camp  3:27
3. "Can't Get Enough of you Baby"  Denny Randell, Sandy Linzer  2:30
4. "Walkin' on the Sun" (CD-ROM Video) Music video (insert in computer to view)  
Total length:

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